Airport Shuttle driver and passengers in a big city


CMC Competition offers the possibility of picking up players and their accompanying parties from the airport of Barcelona, as well as drop off in the return journey.

Beautiful bearded man receiving car keys


CMC Competition has agreements with car rental companies so that our clients can rent a car during their stay in CT Mollet. At very competitive prices, the vehicle can be picked up directly at the airport.

alojamientos esc


CMC Competition offers its clients the possibility of staying in either hotels or apartments. (check prices and options).

Stringing Machine. Close up of tennis stringer hands doing racke


CMC Competition has a stringing service. In addition to stringing rackets, out technical staff advises and suggests players the best solutions regarding the rackets: best strings, weight, balance, grips, etc. all in less than 24h.

Two doctors standing with their arms crossed on chest


CMC Competition offers its clients the possibility of taking up a medical insurance policy that covers all possible health-related incidents. The greatest advantage of this policy is that it is specialised in the world of tennis. (check prices).

Fisioterapia al piede


CMC Competition offers our clients a physiotherapist service. With an extensive experience in rest and recovery of sportspeople, the sessions are carried out in our premises.

tennis coach talking to player in changing room


We are fully aware of the importance of the mental factor in the world of tennis, therefore CMC Competition offers players the mental coach service. This professional has experience in the world of sport and organises individual and personalised session in the club.

Smiling dietician with healthy vegetables



Another key aspect for top sportspeople is nutrition, so at CMC Competition we are advised by a specialist in this field. Personalised diets, design of meal patterns and monitoring of players are some of the services offered.